Birchbox Mystery Sample Pack March 2015 Review

Birchbox is a subscription based service that delivers “personalized beauty, grooming, and lifestyle samples, tailored to your profile. Try cult brands, up-and-coming lines, and everything in between.”  Pricing is as follows:

$10 each month for 5 beauty samples

$110 for one year for 5 beauty samples per month

$30 per month for 5 beauty samples AND 2 full-size makeup or luxury nail products (this is a brand new option)

*Turns out this box is my Mystery Pack that came free with my last purchase.*


My mailman missed this little box in his mailbag and had to make a second trip to my house to deliver it!  Excited to see what Birchbox has in store for me!


Since I was given no information about the kind of samples I would receive in the Mystery Pack, I had no expectations at all.  No matter what, this box will be a win since it was completely free!


(3) Mighty Leaf Tea Whole Leaf Tea in White Orchard, Orange Dulce, and Ginger Twist, 3 teabags, $1.99 – The card from Birchbox that came with this tea says, “Relax. Enjoy. Repeat.  This extra gift from us is the perfect excuse to take a little break and treat yourself.”  There was also some accompanying literature about the tea.  It speaks of the tea being hand-crafted blended in eco-friendly pouches that are pure luxury and bliss.  They sound almost as fabulous and they smell.  I am so excited by this tea!  All the females in my house love tea and these will be great to sample Mighty Leaf.  I thought Orange Dulce would be my favorite, but the peachy smell of White Orchard takes first place for sure!  Absolutely amazing flavor!  I would order from them again in a heartbeat!!


(1) SeaRx Anti-Wrinkling Serum, .05??, $3.40?? – This is a small sample of a serum that I hadn’t yet heard of.  This clear gel is scent free and absorbs quickly.  Not sure it will be enough to really get a feel for if it is effective or not.  I can’t find this exact serum listed on the Sea Rx website, but I have linked it to the description on the Birchbox website showing a product that may be the right one…still not sure, though.  I also don’t know the size of this sample, so I’m guessing on the size and, therefore, the price is also an estimate.

(1) The Balm Stainiac in Beauty Queen, .04 fl oz, $2.03 – This lip stain really scared me!  It’s such a bright red that I was nervous to even try it…kind of reminds me of fake stage blood.  At first, when putting on the gel, it looked really red with a bit of pink, but once I really spread it out, it wasn’t so bad.  Then Katrina really wanted to try it and I applied it to her mouth and it turned out to be quite lovely.  We both spent the rest of the afternoon wearing it and it turned out to look really good!  I’ll try to take a picture of us wearing it tomorrow.

Customer Service Interactions: I did not receive my February box and when I called customer service to inquire about it, I had to wait on hold for 17 minutes to speak to someone.  When I finally got to talk to a representative, she told me that my package was “lost” and they would ship me a new one.  I had chosen the special curated box for the month and she had to break it to me that it was sold out already and they would have to put together a regular sample box.  I was sad to hear that, but I understood.  Shortly after my phone call I received an email that my box was packed up and would be shipping soon.  Unfortunately, two days later I received a new email stating that they had nothing to send me and the next box I receive will be the March box and I will be credited one box since I never received the February box.  This frustrated me, so I called customer service again.  I was given no more info than what I already knew and out of sheer frustration I asked to cancel my subscription and get a refund for what money I had left in my account for boxes I hadn’t received yet.  I did receive the refund the next day.  But, once I was calmed down a few days later, I decided that I did want to get a March box and so I called again and resubscribed.  They offered me the free mystery pack, as well as a couple hundred points for the store due to all my frustration with my “lost” February box.  Part of me is pleased with how Birchbox handled my situation and part of me is mad at how they handled it.  I also find it surprising that they didn’t have anything to send me to make up for the February box.

Overall Impressions: As I said earlier, since this was my free with purchase mystery pack, I knew it would be a win automatically and it is!  The value, according to my calculations, is about $7.  But, it’s more than just a win for the value.  It’s also a win because of the products.  The lip stain and anti-wrinkling serum are both decent samples to receive in a box, but the tea really puts it over the edge!  I love it and am thrilled to have received it.  I am looking forward to my real March Birchbox and I truly hope it doesn’t get lost.  A+++


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