For the Faithful March 2015 Review

For the Faithful is a subscription based service that allows subscribers to “discover hand-selected items that celebrate your Christian lifestyle”.  Pricing is as follows:

$19.99 + $6 shipping for one month

$14.99 + $6 shipping per month for 3 months

$13.99 + $6 shipping per month for 6 months


My For the Faithful box showed up yesterday!

IMG_2031            IMG_2038

Although I know I won’t be able to use every item that comes in a For the Faithful subscription box, I have several friends (and my mother) that are very religious and I know what I don’t use will easily be gifted.  Each box comes with a card detailing the items items included.


(1) Footprints: Scripture with Reflections Inspired by the Best-Loved Poem by Margaret Fishback Powers, 186 pages, $13.51 – This is a really nice book that is a collection of scriptures and thoughts by the author of Footprints, written in 1964 by Margaret Fishback Powers.  My favorite part is at the end where there are several journaling pages with writing prompts.  I almost wish there were more journaling pages throughout the book, as well.  I have a good friend who enjoys daily devotional and this will make a great gift for her some time soon.  (Hope she’s not reading this!)


(1) The Creation on DVD, 20:59 minutes, $9.95 – This DVD is the story of creation, told by Amy Grant with music by Bela Fleck and the Flecktones and illustrated by Stefano Vitale.  It is from 1993 & 2007 from Rabbit Ears Entertainment.  The packages says it is appropriate for ages 6+.  I haven’t seen this video yet, but I’m already thinking it will be best donated to my church’s Sunday School classes.  It’s hard to find good religious videos for the little ones and if it’s any good, they will get a lot of use out of it.


(1) Witness Gear Rubber LOVE Wristband, $2.99 – This is a very cute wristband, that says the word LOVE with some cute designs and it’s reversible!  Both my girls would actually wear it and it will be given to them.  The only thing that bothers me about it is that it came dirty.  There was some yucky brown stuff on it.  I’m not sure you can see it in the photo, but it’s definitely there in a few places.  It annoys me that I have to wash something that I was supposed to get brand new.  I have a feeling this was sitting in a warehouse somewhere for a while.  Ironically enough, it is not listed on the manufacturer’s website anymore and, of the ones I could find that match it online, it has outdated packaging.

(1) FAITH Magnet with Hebrews Scripture, 3.75″x2.5″, $1?? – This magnet is cute, but I would like it better if it was much better quality.  There is a top layer of enamel over the print and there’s a yucky black thing on the print on the far right, under the enamel.  The enamel is also pretty beat up, as well as the paint on the sides being done sloppily and showing on the front.  I am absolutely the kind of person that expects quality over quantity and these last two items just don’t impress me.  I couldn’t find it online…thinking maybe a dollar store item?


(1) Tabletop Cross with Scripture Verse, 6.5″ tall x 4″ wide, $12.99 – This is a really beautiful cross.  It looks like marble, but I’m pretty sure it’s some kind of resin.  It has a felt pad on the bottom.  It’s not actually the version of John 3:16 that I know…I might have to research what version this is, though, before I decide who to gift it to.  Overall, it is well made and quite lovely.

UPDATED TO ADD: Turns out this is the New International Version.  I knew it wasn’t the King James Version that I have memorized from my youth.


(1) Notepad with Elastic and Plastic Cover, 6″x4″, $2.50 – I love this notepad!  At the bottom (you can’t see it with the glare on the plastic) it says, “You are precious to God and He loves you. Isa. 43:4”.  On each page of the lined notepad, it also has a pink birdcage and quote.  The cover is actually plastic, too, so I know it will hold up well in my purse.  This one will be for me! 🙂

Overall Impressions: I think For the Faithful is a really unique subscription.  I am always looking for ways to connect with my faith on a better (maybe I mean higher??) level and I’m hoping this subscription will be able to help me do just that.  Before subscribing I looked through some of their past boxes on their website and, I’ll be honest, this month’s box isn’t my favorite.  I like a couple of the items, but not a majority of them.  The value of this box comes to almost $43!  I paid only $19.99 (with shipping) each month since I have a six month subscription and this makes the value a huge win!  My wish is that they focus more on quality and not quantity….I’m never thrilled with something being thrown into a box just to increase the number of items being sent.  All that being said, I am absolutely willing to stick it out these next five months and I’m hoping that I end up loving For the Faithful so that I will continue to subscribe even after this initial subscription runs out!


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