For the Faithful July 2015 Review

For the Faithful is a subscription based service that allows subscribers to “discover hand-selected items that celebrate your Christian lifestyle”.  Pricing is as follows:

$19.99 + $6 shipping for one month

$14.99 + $6 shipping per month for 3 months

$13.99 + $6 shipping per month for 6 months


I didn’t get a chance to review the last couple of For the Faithful boxes.  I’m hoping this one impresses me!


Oooh!  I wonder what those big, purple, patterned tubes are!  Each box comes with a card that describes each of the included items.  I’ll be honest, I never look at the card until after I’ve looked at all the items.  I love being surprised by physically exploring each item on my own first!!  😉


(1) Renewal Spirit Shower Gel in Midnight Orchid, 8.8 fl oz, $15 – The label of this shower gel and body lotion says, “Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me. Psalm 51:10”.  I really love that these products are connected to the bible and are definitely religious in nature.  I can’t comment on the scent, though, because I think these are the perfect gift to give to my mother.  She loves having pretty soap and lotion in her bathrooms and these will be perfect.  She’s also a church secretary and she might even want to put them in the church bathroom.  Either way, they’re perfect for her and I don’t want to break the seal on them.

(1) Renewed Spirit Body Lotion in Midnight Orchid, 8.8 fl oz, $15 – Sadly, this lotion does contain parabens, but my mom doesn’t really get concerned over things like that.  This will be perfect for her with the soap and I know she’s going to love them.  The price of both these items does seem a little inflated, but I wasn’t able to find them anywhere online for less.


(1) Renewed Spirit Lip Balm in Midnight Orchid, .15 oz, $1.60 – I tried this lip balm (since I’m such a chapstick fanatic, as many of you know) and I really like the scent.  It’s lightly floral and even a bit fruity.  There’s no taste to it, though, which I appreciate.  I did read the label after I tried it and it does contain parabens, so I’m not going to be using it, but I’ll save it for emergencies for sure.


(1) LaeDee Bugg Bobbles and Bits Hair Accessories, 22 pieces, $2 – This is a cute set of hair accessories, but really it’s meant for a little girl.  My girls are even too big for  the soft hair ties and headband that come with it.  We can use the larger hair ties and the little clips might come in handy.  I, again, love how there’s a bible verse to go with the set.  “Praise the Lord! Ruth 4:14” is on the label.  I didn’t even know that religious hair accessories existed!

(1) LaeDee Bugg Funky Bands, 7 bracelets, $2.50 – These bracelets are pretty cute.  My girls were so into silly bands several years ago and bands for loom weaving, but they’re past that right now.  These will make a great little gift to go along with a gift card, so I will save them for future use.  Or you never know what next year’s fad will be and maybe, just maybe, bracelets will be big some time soon!

Overall Impressions: I love how this month’s box was all about pampering yourself.  It’s a great theme for any box and having all the items come from religious companies is unique and innovative.  As far as value is concerned, my calculated value this month comes to around $36, which is a great deal since I paid only $19.99 for this box with my multi-month subscription.  I do think the body lotion and shower gel prices are inflated, but even if I lowered the value of those items, it’s still a decent deal.  I think I only have one more month in my subscription, so I’m hoping next month blows it out of the water, making me want to resubscribe.  Fingers crossed, For the Faithful!


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