Little Luxe Box February 2016 Review

Little Luxe Box is a brand new subscription based service that delivers “monthly themed packages, featuring tiny indulgences in eatables, wearables and fine goods, all supporting small businesses.”  Pricing is as follows:

$24.99 for one month

$67.50 for three months

$127.50 for six months


I had the privilege of reviewing the very first Little Luxe Box, but haven’t received one since them.  I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to review the February box!!  Yay!!



Immediately upon opening the box I was pleasantly surprised with some of the items that I recognized right away!  The box also arrived with a typed half sheet of paper that detailed all of the included items.  It’s well written and centers around this month’s theme, which is “Love Yourself”.


(1) Quotable Cards “Everything Has Beauty” Folded Card, 5″ x 5″, $3.50 – I love this sweet card that has the Confucius quote on the front, but is blank inside.  Perfect for dozens of occasions!


(1) Peeled Snacks Peas Please in Garden Herb, .77 oz, $.56 – Believe it or not, but Katrina is a pea fanatic!  She’s had these before and loves them.  She was excited to see them included this month.  They’re also gluten free, organic, non GMO, baked, and only have 100 calories!  YUM!

(1) EO Hand Sanitizer Wipes in Lavender, 1 Biodegradable Wipe, $.42 – I don’t want to open this wipe yet, but I’m not familiar with it.  It’s biodegradable and most of the ingredients are organic.  It lists ethanol as the active ingredient and is “99.9% effective against most common germs”.  I’ll keep this in my purse or car for emergencies.


(1) UnReal Love Candy Coated Milk Chocolate Gems, 8 oz, around $6?? – We tore into these for dessert this evening.  These candies look just like m&m candies, but they’re all a rusty red color.  I was thrilled to read all the details about these candies…they are gluten free, non GMO, and the chocolate is fair trade.  Besides all that (yes, there’s more), a lot of the ingredients are organic and I’m very pleased to see ingredients like beetroot juice and one serving, about 18 candies, has only 70 calories and 3 grams of fat.  Not bad!!  But how do they taste??  Pretty good!  There’s definitely a difference compared to m&m candies, but I would much rather my kids eating these!


(1) Big Dipper Wax Works Cinnamon Heart Candle, .6 oz, $3 – What a sweet, little candle!  It’s teeny tiny, but sure packs a punch of a scent!  It absolutely reminds me of the little red hot cinnamon candies I ate when I was little.  It will burn for 5 hours and is made with 100% beeswax blended with pure essential oils with a 100% cotton wick.  Love it!

(1) Antique Lace Ceramic Ring Holder, 3″ diameter, $15?? – This dish was wrapped up in some tissue paper.  It’s a small ceramic dish made with decorated with a lace pattern, making it look vintage or antique.  I really like the color glaze that I received, although I’m not sure there will be varying colors sent out.  As an art teacher, my personal preference would have been for the edges to be smoothed and not cracked, but it really is a cute piece.  I will gladly put it on my nightstand as a “catch all”.  I’m not sure of the price on this one…I’m guessing.  The info sheet says there will be a vendor reveal soon, so I don’t know it just yet to help me price it.

Overall Impressions: OverallI really like Little Luxe Box!  My calculated value this month comes to around $28.50.  That estimated value is over the cost of the box, which always makes me happy.   I also happen to LOVE the items that were included this month.  Who doesn’t want a candle, chocolate, a card, and a snack for Valentine’s Day?  My kind of box for sure!!  The only issue I might have, besides the value, is that the inaugural box that I reviewed included the same type of items…a candle, chocolate, a card, a snack, and one other item.  Since I didn’t receive the few boxes between this one and their first one, it could be purely coincidental that they contained the same type of items or maybe those are the main things they look to fill their boxes with.  Wouldn’t be a problem for me since I love all those things!  I am very glad to see that Little Luxe Box is going strong and I’m hoping they’re around for a very, very, very long time!  Check them out if you haven’t yet!


One thought on “Little Luxe Box February 2016 Review

  1. Here is our conservative estimate of product value:

    Peas Please – 2.85
    Aqua Lace Ring Holder- $15
    Heart Candle- 3.00
    EO Wipe- $.59
    Card- $3.99
    UnReal Candy – 5.99

    Total Retail Value: Approx $31

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