BarkBox March 2016 Review

BarkBox is a subscription based service that offers goodies for your dog on a monthly basis.  The BarkBox website states you will receive “four or more carefully selected products and presents for your dog – anything from toys, bones and all-natural treats to hygiene products and innovative new gadgets!”  Subscribers choose the size of their dog from tiny, small & cute, just right, or big and bold.  Pricing is as follows, all include free shipping:

$29 for one month

$24 per month for three months

$21 per month for six months

$19 per month for twelve months


I feel like my dogs know when our BarkBox comes.  They start circling me…maybe they can read??


IMG_7037               IMG_7038

Each BarkBox arrives with a card.  In the past, the cards detailed the items, but it seems like that trend ended a few months ago.  The card does tell me that this month’s theme is “Sherlock Bones”.  They are too funny over there at BarkBox!!IMG_7039

(1) Think Pet Innovations Telephone Booth Toy, about 6″ x 3.5″ x 1.5″, $14 – This toy is very sturdy.  The material is heavy duty and covers a very thick, heavy duty rubber.  There’s a squeaker inside.  Unfortunately, my dogs just weren’t that excited.  I guess there aren’t enough bells and whistles to excite them.  I’m sure they’ll play with it over the next week or so, though.


(1) Think Dog Sherlock Hat Toy, 6″ diameter, $14 – The card says, “Pokey, playful spikes will keep your heavy chewer engaged, while the crinkle-filled flaps add their own hidden mysteries.”  Since it labels itself as being a toy for heavy chewers, I decided to let Bambi try this one.  She’s always excited to get toys and this one was no different.  It’s very well made and the spikes and crinkles really does make my dogs want to play with it.


(1) Superior Farms Pet Provisions Lamb Lung Toasters, 2.5 oz, $5.81 – These treats are all natural, grain free, gluten free, preservative free, and artificial color and flavor free. Buster doesn’t really like lung, but if I ask him to eat it, he will.  Otherwise, he’ll spit it out on the floor and Bambi will come over and eat it.  She’ll eat anything.  These are also great because there are no other ingredients than lamb.

IMG_7042 IMG_7043

(1) Sojos Good Dog Treats in Shepherd’s Pie Flavor, 5 oz, $5.22 – There are few ingredients in these treats: oat flour, rolled oats, potato, beef, carrots, canola oil, and eggs.  They’re also the cutest little bones.  Can you see them in the window on the front of the package?  They’re about an inch long and super skinny.  Both dogs liked them and I’ll be sure to use them for training.

(1) Butcher’s Block Pet Treats Beef Jerky Pretzel, $3?? (can’t find a price online, so I’m guessing) – This jerky is shaped like a hot pretzel.  It’s made of 100% natural beef with no extra added ingredients.  I’ll save this one for a rainy day for the doggies!

Overall Impressions: My calculated value this month comes to around $42, which is great since I paid about $19 with my multi-month subscription.  Also, this is right around the value that most of the BarkBoxes come in at.  As far as the actual items are concerned, the theme is always amazing and the products are usually good quality.  The toys weren’t quite right for my aggressive chewers, but they’re definitely better than the plush ones we were receiving when we first started our subscription.  Hopefully we’ll receive some toys that our dogs can’t destroy some time soon.  Kevlar toys????  Wishful thinking!!  😉

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