GlossyBox March 2016 Review

GlossyBox is a subscription based service that delivers 5 luxury beauty products each month.  Pricing is as follows, all include free shipping to the US:

$21 for one month

$60 for three months

$115 for six months

$220 for twelve months


I love a good GlossyBox!!  Even more, I love a specially designed GlossyBox!  Last month’s Valentine themed box was real cute…I hope this month is a special one again!



Welp, I guess it’s not a specially designed box, but it’s still such an elegant pale pink and black…it’s hard not to like it!

IMG_6868              IMG_6869

Each box arrives with a tri-fold card detailing all of the included items, complete with retail prices, as well as tips and tricks for use of the products.


(1) I Love…Super Soft Hand Lotion in Raspberry & Blackberry, 2.5 fl oz, $6 (value from card) – I shared this cream with some friends over the weekend and there were two clear comments.  One – it smells AH-MAZING and Two – it really made our hands super soft.  I absolutely would recommend this hand cream to anyone!  It’s my new favorite.

(1) Luxie Large Angled Brush, 7″ long, $16 – I really like this brush and I can always use more for the girls for competition.  It’s made of cruelty free, synthetic bristles and is recommended for highlighting and contouring.  It’s super soft, too!


(1) Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick in Chihuahua, .16 fl oz, $21 – Too Faced products are awesome and this one looks great, but it’s really not my color at all.  And speaking of colors, I think the name “Chihuahua” is a very strange name for a mauve colored lipstick.  Here’s a swatch from the Too Faced website since I’m not sampling this one:

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 10.15.48 PM

It gets pretty positive reviews online.  Most pluses are the application and pigment, while the negatives are length of drying time and transfer.


(2) Vine Vera Resveratrol Skin Care Moisture Day Cream, .15 oz each??, $24 total?? – I hadn’t heard of Vine Vera until I received this box.  Here’s what the card says, “Laying the foundation of it’s skincare in the power of resveratrol’s anti-aging effects, Vine Vera holds this ingredient at the center of its collections. ”  It goes on to say it protects and hydrates.  Even though it’s a day cream, I used it this evening and it’s very moisturizing and absorbs relatively quickly.  It does have a subtle lotion-y scent to it, but it’s not a bad scent…just smells like lotion or makeup.  As far as being anti-aging, only time will tell if that promise works, but it does get rave reviews online!!


(1) Eyeko That’s Where I Draw the Line Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner in Carbon Black, .04 oz, $17.50 – I recently received the fat Eyeko liner in my last Birchbox and I have been using it every day since I received it.  Love it!  But…this one is just as awesome!  I’ll post a pic of tomorrow’s makeup as an update.  Check back later!!

IMG_6939 IMG_6938

Here’s the morning makeup.  I love the skinny, skinny line I was able to achieve with the Eye Do and this is Maybelline Falsies mascara.  🙂

Overall Impressions: I feel like all my boxes lately have been great and this continues on that trend!  I’m happy with 4 out of 5 items in this box.  That’s great!  As far as value is concerned, my calculated value comes to around $85, which is huge since I paid only $21 for this box.  Bear in mind that I did have to guess on the size of the Vine Vera containers so my value may be off a little.  I actually purchased a GlossyBox subscription through a deal site not too long ago and will be posting the review of that box in the next couple of days, as well.  It was fun to compare the two boxes this month since a few of the items really were different.  Overall, very pleased with this month’s box and I’m already looking forward to next month’s GlossyBox!

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