iBbeautiful March 2016 Review

iBbeautiful is a subscription box service geared towards tweens and teens.  There are two boxes available, 8-12 years or 13+ years, that are delivered with FREE SHIPPING!  Pricing is as follows:

Basic Box Subscription: $20/month, 4-6 items (one time box purchase – $24)

Graphic Tee Box: $30/month, 4-6 items AND a graphic tee (one time box purchase – $34)

Natalya normally writes the iBbeautiful reviews, but with Daylight Savings Time, a Dance Competition, and a two day Dance Convention, she’s too wiped out to review this weekend!  Please bear with my adult take on this tween box.  😉


Natalya is always thrilled to see this pink box waiting for her on our doorstep.  We’ve been subscribing for quite some time now and she still gets excited!


This month’s theme is “We are all butterflies waiting to happen”. One of my absolute most favorite things about iBbeautiful is their themes. When Natalya opens her box, we always look at it together. We read the card before we look at the items. Here’s a quote from this month’s card: “…All the things you go through everyday are just moments of your life that are there to make you who you are supposed to be. Don’t be afraid…be strong and know that tough times are just moments when you are creating your beautiful wings.”


(1) Knitted Flower Headband, $1.54 – This headband is absolutely adorable. Natalya immediately put it on and said she wanted to wear it for walking to school everyday.  Over here in New Jersey, we’ve been having weird weather and it’s been unusually warm.  The last few days it has gone up to nearly 75 degrees and it’s still early March. I’m not sure if the headband is handmade or not, but it actually seems really well made and looks like it will hold up well. It also has two buttons so that it is technically even adjustable.


IMG_6722       IMG_6721(1) Faux Alex & Ani Butterfly Bracelet, $1.14 – Natalya is really happy to have received this faux Alex & Ani bracelet. It comes with four charms: a large 1” butterfly, a .5” butterfly that says “created for you” on the back, a .5” plain butterfly, and a .5” daisy.  It’s also adjustable and will fit almost anyone big or small.

(1) Butterfly Necklace in Silver, 18“ chain with .5″ charm, $1.18 – This delicate necklace is such a great, little piece. It’s just the right size for someone Natalya’s age. I had assumed that Hello Beautiful was the brand because it came in a little organza bag with a round disk that said, “Hello Beautiful”, but I couldn’t find anything about that online.  Maybe iBbeautiful just thought it was a nice addition to the necklace…


(1) Greenwich Bay Trading Co. Garden Soap in Daisy & Aloe, 2 oz, $1.65 – This is definitely the most beautiful packaging that I’ve seen in a while. I love it! The soap itself is incredibly floral scented, but it seems to work well and will be a nice air freshener in the bathroom!

(2) Butterfly Magnets in Green, about 3″ each, $.25 total?? – I couldn’t find these exact butterflies anywhere online, but I’ve linked to very similar ones.  They are made out of a plastic paper that make them quite durable and able to be wiped clean.  There’s a small magnet on the back of each and can be used as a fridge decoration.  I think Natalya’s actually going to bring them in to school for a locker decoration.  What a great reminder of the message this box is trying to impart…


(1) International Arrivals Mini Notebook with Ellen Giggenbach Design, 3.5“ x 5“, $.74 – This is a cute, little notebook. We always have the need for this kind of little book…from leaving notes for each other or jotting down reminders, there’s always something we can use them for.

(1) Hannah Grace Set of 2 Magnetic Bookmarks, each bookmark measures about 2.5“ x 1″ when closed, $4 – Natalya is absolutely a reader and, therefore, is happy to see these little bookmarks. They’re good quality and will hold up nicely.

Overall Impressions: I want to first start by saying that I really don’t know if my calculated value is anywhere near the actual value of this box.  Most of the items that iBbeautiful sends don’t have brand names associated with them, making it really difficult for me to accurately put a value on them.  If I use the lowest selling prices I can find online, my calculated value comes to around only $11.  That’s relatively low compared to the price of the box.  But, I’m not sure if my links are where the items are really purchased from and, more importantly, my daughter loves every single product she receives in every single box.  Second to that is the fact that the message that iBbeautiful sends is SO important to me that I have absolutely no problem with the value being under the cost.  The curation is top notch and the message is stellar making this subscription a no brainer, in my humble opinion.  Keep up the amazing work, iBbeautiful!!  XO

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