Boodle Box May 2016 Review

Boodle Box is a subscription based service that delivers goodies to your tween/teen on a monthly basis.  Subscribers choose from two age groups: Boodle One is for ages 6-11 or Boodle Two for 12+ years.  Pricing is as follows for both age groups:

 $29.99 + $5 shipping for one month

$24.99 + $5 shipping per month for three months

$19.99 + $5 shipping per month for six months

$19.99 and free shipping per month for twelve months

* Bonus Offer* – A subscription to Family Fun magazine or Teen Vogue magazine accompanies orders of Boodle One and Boodle Two respectively right now!


Yay!!  It’s Boodle Box time!!!  This is by far, Katrina’s favorite day of the month!!

Katrina completed this rest of this review of her Boodle Two subscription.


Each box always arrives with a card detailing all the included items, complete with retail prices.  Yay!!  This month’s theme is: Fabulously Fruity!!


(1) Square Amazonite Necklace, 17″ chain & .5″ stone, $14.99 (value from card) – What a unique necklace.  It’s not my style and I probably won’t wear it, but I like that it’s very different from all the other jewelry in subscription boxes. (Mom says she couldn’t find it anywhere online.)

IMG_7473              IMG_7476

Here are some close up pics of the necklace.


(1) Beauty Junky Set of 3 Use Me Once Beauty Boost, .3 fl oz each, $6.99 – I love doing things like these.  One is Cucumber Hand Cream, the second one is Paw Paw & Pomegranate Face Mask, and the third one is Almond Hair Mask.  Can’t wait to use them!!


(1) Banded Headband in Spring Floral, $12.98 – I don’t wear handbands too often, but this is a nice summery print for the season.  I’ll probably wear it to dance here and there.  Oh, and “Your headband purchase provides 3 meals for a child in Uganda.  Visit to learn more.”

(1) Juice Beauty Oil-Free Moisturizer, .5 fl oz, $7 – I’m not in need of a moisturizer, but mom tells me this is a good brand.  It’s organic and is made with quality ingredients.  I like that it came sealed.  Only problem is that it expires in June.  That makes me a little nervous.


(1) NPW 3D Pineapple Air Freshener in Pina, 4.5″ tall, $2.99 – Love, love, love!  This is totally on fleek!!  It smells yummy and will be perfect in my room.  It’s also 3D…


Here is the air freshener opened up.

(1) NPW Nail Art Cuticle Tattoo & Nail Wraps in Tropicana Designs, $5.71 (value from card) – These are so cute!  The one part is a wrap for your nail and the other part is a cuticle temporary tattoo that adorns the skin below your nail.  This is a clever idea!  I received cuticle tattoos in a box a few months ago, but these tropical themed ones are even better!


(1) Metallic Temporary Tattoos, $1.29 – My sister and I love metallic temporary tattoos.  We’ll use these this summer!

(1) Pineapple Lollipop, $.48 – Yum!  Need I say more?

Overall Impressions: I received a few items that I wasn’t thrilled with, but since I normally like everything, I’m ok with that this month.I always love their themes and they really send such cute stuff!

Mom’s Overall Impressions: This month’s calculated value comes to around $52.  I paid $19.99 for this box with my multi-month subscription, so I’m thrilled with that value.  The most important thing, though, is that Katrina loves it.  She feels so special when her box arrives and can’t wait to dig into it.  Each of my girls receive their own boxes.  They were able to choose from a long list of boxes and Katrina has now subscribed for multiple months.  Luckily, she has been happy every single one of those months.  Keep up the good work, Boodle Box!!

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