Prospurly March 2016 Review

Prospurly is a subscription based service that delivers 6-8 small batch, organic, and artisan crafted goods on a monthly basis.  Each box is said to have a value of $80+.  Pricing is as follows, with free shipping:

$44.95 per month (after coupon)


I adore my Prospurly boxes!  I know this month is their anniversary month…I bet this month’s box is mind blowing!!  🙂



Ooooh…that butterfly on the top looks awesome!  I wonder what it is.  I love being introduced to new items in boxes.


(2) Enchanted Storybook Bath Bomb in Japanese Cherry Blossom, almost 3″ diameter each, $8 total (can’t find these online anywhere) – We haven’t tried these bath bombs yet, but I’m pretty sure they’re going to be amazing.  There are very few ingredients: baking soda, citric acid, corn starch, epsom salt, grape seed oil, fragrance oil, dye.  I love when I can pronounce every ingredient!  The girls are definitely going to love these!!!


(2) Nuun All Day Healthy Hydration in Blueberry Pomegranate, 4 single serve tablets per package, $2.66 total – We’ve received Nuun tablets in other boxes and my girls like them.  Katrina really likes this blueberry pomegranate flavor!  The ingredient list on the back is just too small for me to read, but they do mention they have 17 vitamins and minerals!  No mommy guilt with this one!


(1) Madecasse Chocolate Bar in Peppermint, 2.64 oz, $4.33 (I can’t find these cheaper than this anywhere!!) – This bar is 63% dark chocolate, mint, and a touch of nutmeg.  The back label tells the story of why the owners created this company.   It’s a great little story!  the chocolate is smooth and the mint and nutmeg really are pretty subtle, although I can definitely tell their there.  The card tells me that this is a bonus item!!  Excited that this is my bonus…it’s perfect for me!

(1)Tops Malibu The Magic Butterfly, about 4″ wingspan, $5 – We haven’t tried this butterfly yet….we’ll save it for a rainy day.  You wind it up and then put it in a book or card.  When the recipient  opens it, the butterfly flies off.  So cute!


(1) Menagerie Charcoal Face Wash, 4 fl oz, $24 – This face wash is all natural and vegan.  Directions say to just “apply a small amount to wet face and wash in a circular motion.”  Sounds easy enough.  I’ve been using it the last few days and I like it.  It’s pretty thin and I needed 3 pumps to make me feel like I was using enough, but I haven’t had any breakouts since I started using it, so I think it’s working!!

(1) Enchanted Story Spa Cherry Blossom Body Butter, 4 oz???, $8 (value from card) – This little tub has NO label.  I had to cross reference on the card to figure out what this was.  This body butter is pretty good! I’m not sure what it’s made of, but it absorbed relatively quickly and only has a subtle, floral scent.  It left a tiny bit of a greasy feel to my hands, but I still like it!  I was also nervous the scent would be too strong, but it really was very nice.


(2) Crystals Crafty Beeswax Candles, votive size, $6 – “This duo of pure, unfiltered beeswax votive candles are the perfect, slow-burning companions for Spring Cleaning.”  I always love candles in boxes. These two happen to be very subtly scented.  Nice!

(1) Vicara Essential Oils in Good Morning, 5 ml, $15 – I definitely need essential oils, but I don’t necessarily need this scent.  The ingredients are: ginger, grapefruit, ylang ylang in grape seed castor oil.  It is meant to invigorate “mental and physical energy”.  I know exactly who I’m going to give it to!

Overall Impressions: As much as I love this subscription, I decided I needed to cancel so that I could use the money to subscribe to a new box.  Customer service convinced me to stay on one more month to receive their special “birthday” box.  She promised it would be worth it….and it is, well…It pretty much is!  I like and will use nearly everything in the box.  My calculated value comes to around $75.  That’s pretty good for a box that cost about $45.  Overall, I’m not sad that I stuck with it for one more month, but when I emailed to cancel I was told next month’s box will be a special “Earth Day” box and I should stay to receive one more box.  Haha!!  As much as I would love to stay with Prospurly, since she made it sound so enticing, I had to say no and move on.  Who knows…I might be back one day soon!  Thanks for a good run, Prospurly!  🙂

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    1. You’ll just have to convince Prospurly to send me a box to review! Hahaha!! All kidding aside, I’ll take a look at your site…maybe I’ll see something I just can’t live without.

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