Try the World April 2016 Review

Try the World is a subscription based service that delivers  “curated flavors of the world by mail from a new country every 2 months.”  Pricing is as follows, all with free shipping:

$39 for one box

$35 each month for six months (3 boxes total)

$33 each month for twelve months (6 boxes total)

IMG_7122 IMG_7123

Can’t wait to see what country this month’s box comes from!



Yay!  This month’s box is from Portugal!

IMG_7129         IMG_7130

Each box arrives with a folding card detailing all the included items.  It features lots of other info, too, like different recipes you can make with the included items, as well as this cute section posted above that describes other ways to use the items.


(1) Olivais Do Sul Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 4.2 fl oz – This is a great olive oil.  It’s is manufactured soley by mechanical means in Portugal.

(1) Briosa Gourmet Spiced Mackerel Fillets in Olive Oil, 4.2 oz – I don’t eat fish and, therefore, can’t comment on the taste.  They’ll be passed on to my dad.  The ingredients are: mackerels, olive oil, chili pepper, cucumber, carrot, pepper seed, clove, and salt.


(1) Hands on Earth Purely Natural Seasoning for Codfish, .9 oz – Although I don’t eat fish, I do cook it for my kids.  This will certainly come in handy and looks great.  Ingredients are: organic herbs, bay leaf, parsley, garlic, and sea salt.

(1) Casa Lucena Portugal Classic Lemon Cookies, 2.82 oz – These little cookies are tasty.  They do taste more like Vanilla Wafers to me because I don’t really taste the lemon in them, but they’re still good!


(1) Rare by Jugais Rocha Pear and Port Wine Jam, 4.4 oz – I absolutely adore this jam!!  First, there are only a few ingredients: pear, sugar, port wine, fruit pectin, and lemon juice.  Second, the package suggested serving it with blue cheese.  That’s a great recommendation because they tasted amazing together!

(1) Sacana Paladin Piri-Piri, 75 ml – I’m going to pass this spicy sauce on to my nephew.  He loves spicy stuff!  The packaging sure makes it sound extra spicy, which makes me nervous!!


(1) FrutaFormas Crunchy Apple Rings, .71 oz – These crispy apple rings are made out of only apples.  We’ve definitely tried other brand of crispy apple rings that are the same, but it was still fun to try a new brand.

(1) Prisca Honey, 3.17 oz – My household uses honey in tea quite often.  This is a nice, rich honey.  We love having a new jar to use!

Overall Impressions: It’s too difficult to find prices for each of these items since every one of them is made in Portugal.  But, if I calculate it out, there were 8 items and the box cost $39, meaning each item averages to about $5 or so.  I think that’s a little high, but the price would be less for subscribers that sign up for a year subscription.  I wish the box was a little less expensive or the items were a little more substantial.  Besides the value, though, I think the box, in general, is great.  I find it to be well curated and I love that every single item is from that month’s country and they are definitely varied.  Lastly, I adore the card…it gives so much information and I love an information rich card!  Do you subscribe to Try the World?  If so, what country are you hoping for next?

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