Umba Discover Box April 2016 Review

Umba Box is a subscription based service that delivers “gorgeous and fun handmade goods from artists in the US and around the world” to subscribers on a monthly basis.  Umba Box strongly believes in their core value of assisting consumers in making “ethical purchasing decisions”.  There are three different boxes available: Discover Box, Delight Box, and Baby Box.  Pricing is as follows, shipping charges are included in prices below:

Discover Box:

$30 for one month

$90 for three months

$150 for six months

$275 for twelve months

Delight Box:

$56 for one month

$168 for three months

$294 for six months

$539 for twelve months

Baby Box:

$168 for three months


I haven’t reviewed Umba Box in SO long!!  I can’t wait to see what has arrived in this small package!


Ooooh!  What a unique pattern on the fabric that I see!  Each box arrives with a card detailing the artisan or group that made each of the included products.


(1) World Finds Lightweight Himalayan Pom Pom Scarf in Olive, 40″ x 40″, $26 – This has a pretty, almost watercolor-like design on it in mainly cool colors of blue, green, and violet.  The pom poms are all the way around the edge and in a deep olive green.  I’ll be honest in saying that it is completely not my style.  But, my children, although young, are way more fashion forward than I am and my 10 year old thinks it’s gorgeous!  I’m sure she’s going to rock it this spring.  From the card I was able to learn that the scarf comes from India and is made by a group that provides a safe and clean workshop, as well as a living wage, clean water, medical insurance, and a savings plan to each of the workers.  It was great learning about this group and about one young worker, in particular, named Heena.


(1) Sweet Caroline Confections Sparkle Lollipop in Cotton Candy, 2″ in diameter, $2 – This is the most beautiful lollipop I have ever seen!  It’s hard to see in my pictures, but there’s gold glitter inside it!  Now I’m sure that the glitter is edible sprinkles, but it definitely looks like real glitter!!  It was also fun learning about the owner of Sweet Caroline Confections from the box’s card.

Overall Impressions: I have mixed feelings about the items in this month’s box.  One of them was not such a hit, while the other one left me breathless for a moment!  My calculated value of this box is $28.  Umba Discover Box promises a retail price of at least $25 for each Discover Box and they certainly met that promise.  But, with shipping, the full price for a Discover Box is technically $30.  I’m technically not thrilled with the value because it’s under what I paid, but I know the premise behind this box is to introduce lesser known artisans to subscribers and there isn’t necessarily a focus on price/value.  While I would recommend Umba Box, for the most part (since I think their items are well curated, trendy, and I love that they research the artisan), I think potential subscribers need to really think about what they are looking for in a subscription box.  I bet some will be happy, while others will not. Plus, with only a couple of items in the box, if you don’t like even one item, then the entire box probably won’t be worth it.  It’s definitely quite a gamble with this box.  Would you be all in for Umba Box or all out?


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