How we review…

Picture Taking Info

When we review a box at Tried N Tru Review, we take pictures as we unbox.  The first pic is always what the external box looks like.  The next pic will be of the box inside the box, if there is one.  The following pic will be what the box looks like on the inside, sometimes after the tissue paper is opened.  We do not arrange the products to take a picture, usually.  We do this so readers can see what it looks like when we really open the box up…we believe this give readers a true to life view of what opening a box is like.  Sometimes things are hidden under packing material, sometimes the box is very full or very empty, etc.  These are all things that we look for that give us our initial impression.  We then remove each object or sometimes two at a time to take close up pictures.

Item Description

Once all those are uploaded to the site we start our research.  We first look for the manufacturer site to link the title of the object to what the manufacturer wants us to see.  Oftentimes that site will have ingredient lists, dimensions, optional color choices, manufacturer suggested retail price (MSRP), etc.

The Price in My Posts

Next, we look for where else you can buy the item and at the lowest selling price.  Oftentimes items in boxes are sample size and not for resale, so finding sample size item prices are difficult.  We will then find a larger size of the item and calculate out how much that sample really should cost for how many ounces we’ve been sent.  Sometimes this is more of an estimate.  If we find it at a lower price than the MSRP, we will link the listed price in the post to the site that we figured out the price from.  We feel this will be helpful to readers, so that you can understand why we might have a price listed at much less than the manufacturer site shows.  Be sure to check out both links, if you plan to purchase.  If there is no link on the price, it means that we couldn’t find the price any lower than the manufacturer price.

Referral Links and Opinions

Please know that sometimes we have referral links in our postings.  We don’t receive compensation for our postings.  They are accurate and honest opinions that belong to us at Tried N Tru Review.  We also do not read others’ reviews online before we write ours.  I do edit my girls’ posts before publishing them, just to clean them up, but they really sit at the computer and write them all on their own.  We believe that this way you can get an honest opinion from a person the age the box is geared towards, which sometimes is very different than an adults’ opinion.

Contact Us

If you ever need clarification on a post, an item, or a box – please reach out to us!  We are available via email at or you can follow us on twitter @ Tried_N_Tru

We love receiving and reviewing subscription boxes and look forward to sharing our opinions with you!!


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