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Cathy K.

After signing up for over a dozen subscription boxes within a few months of each other, Cathy realized that there is a huge need out there for subscription box reviews.  Although the fun of a subscription box service is the mystery attached to it, most people want to know whether the value is really there and if the items are right for them.  Enter Cathy…

Cathy is the proud mama of two beautiful tween girls who are just as excited by subscription boxes as their mom.  They anxiously await the arrival of their own boxes each month and will give honest reviews of them, as well.  Cathy is proud to subscribe to some just entering the market subscription boxes, in addition to the ones that have been around for years.  She hopes the subscription box trend stays around for good!

You can reach me at TriedNTruReview@ at any time. 🙂

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Natalya K.

Natalya is a young lady with a bright mind.  She is a competition dance and her team has won many awards.  Natalya gets several subscription boxes every month and she can’t wait to find out what’s inside.  She gets straight A’s and will give you her honest opinion on every box.  Natalya has two dogs and a sister…they enjoy playing Minecraft together and watching TV shows.  In her free time she enjoys reading and soon hopes to review a reading subscription box for young adults.

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Katrina K.

Katrina is a growing young lady, who is very energetic and athletic.  She also is a competition dancer and specializes in acrobatics and contortion moves.  She is honest and straightforward at all times, a blessing and a curse.  In her spare time she enjoys playing with her older sister, practicing violin, and having playdates with her friends.  Katrina’s favorite boxes are the Boodle Box and some of the healthy snack boxes her family subscribes to.  She is hoping to find a box that focuses on dance or gymnastics sometime soon.

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