My Favorite Boxes…

I frequently refer to different lists of my favorite boxes.  Sometimes I will say a box is in my top 5 boxes, sometimes my top 10, etc.  So…I’ve decided to start making a list of my favorites so I can really mean it when I say it’s in the top whatever and know I’m being truthful.  I’m going to build this list on an ongoing basis and update as I see fit…

Comment or email me your favorites and maybe I’ll find a new box that I haven’t subscribed to!

1. PopSugar Must Have

2.  Luxor Box

3.  Little Lace Box

4.  GlobeIn

5.  Happy Mail

6.  Love with Food

7.  FabFitFun

8.  Beauty Box 5

9.  KloverBox

10.  GlossyBox

11. BarkBox


2 thoughts on “My Favorite Boxes…

    1. It sure is hard work juggling working full time, being a full time mom, and reviewing boxes daily. But, I love doing all three of those things and somehow find the time to do all of them. My girls become a big part of my review process. Most of the time they are sitting with me when I open my boxes, photograph the contents, and even while trying the products. I feel that if you love something, you find a way to make it work…anyway you can. I hope you’ve been enjoying my reviews!!

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