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Vegan Cuts Mystery Beauty Haul April/May 2016 Review

Vegan Cuts offers two different subscription boxes: Snack Box and Beauty Box.  Every once in a while they offer a “special” box.  This is a review of the Mystery Vegan Beauty Haul that was offered in April/May 2016.  “Each Mystery Vegan Beauty Haul will contain 20 or more products, a mix of favorites from past Beauty Boxes and special edition boxes.” Pricing was as follows, including free shipping:

$35 one time purchase

A retail value of at least $150 was promised when I ordered.


The Mystery Haul arrived just a couple of days after I ordered it and it arrived in a box larger than I thought it would.  I wonder what the “mystery” items are!

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CandiGirlBox July 2015 Review

CandiGirlBox is a subscription based service that delivers a box full of items specifically chosen for your girl, aged 5-12 years, on a quarterly basis.  CandiGirlBoxes are each personalized based on your child’s interests, likes, and dislikes.  “Being a CandiGirl means celebrating the uniquesness of every girl. That uniqueness is what makes her sparkle.”  I think CandiGirlBox is joining forces with Boodle Box, but I’m not 100% sure.  I know that I could have picked a past Boodle Box instead of a CandiGirlBox this month, but since Katrina also subscribes to Boodle Box, we stuck with receiving a real CandiGirlBox.  This might be the last one they are making, though.  Pricing is as follows:

$22 + $5  shipping each quarter


CandiGirlBox arrived a few days ago.  I didn’t let Katrina open it, though, because I had a plan!  She left for sleep away camp the other day and I want to send it to her in a care package.  I think she will smile when she sees that her CandiGirlBox has been delivered to her camp!  Natalya is going to help review this box since Katrina is away.

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