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Boodle Box May 2016 Review

Boodle Box is a subscription based service that delivers goodies to your tween/teen on a monthly basis.  Subscribers choose from two age groups: Boodle One is for ages 6-11 or Boodle Two for 12+ years.  Pricing is as follows for both age groups:

 $29.99 + $5 shipping for one month

$24.99 + $5 shipping per month for three months

$19.99 + $5 shipping per month for six months

$19.99 and free shipping per month for twelve months

* Bonus Offer* – A subscription to Family Fun magazine or Teen Vogue magazine accompanies orders of Boodle One and Boodle Two respectively right now!


Yay!!  It’s Boodle Box time!!!  This is by far, Katrina’s favorite day of the month!!

Katrina completed this rest of this review of her Boodle Two subscription.

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Whole Foods Travel Like a Pro August 2015 Review

Whole Foods offered their first beauty bag a few months ago!  This is their third bag, called “Travel Like a Pro“.  It is “packed with airplane-friendly sizes of some of our favorite products.”  According to Whole Foods, the retail value is $40, but you can purchase it as a collection for $6.99.  I loved the last two bags, so I’m excited to have purchased their travel bag.

I’m also giving away a Travel Like a Pro bag!  You can enter the contest here!


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