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Umba Discover Box April 2016 Review

Umba Box is a subscription based service that delivers “gorgeous and fun handmade goods from artists in the US and around the world” to subscribers on a monthly basis.  Umba Box strongly believes in their core value of assisting consumers in making “ethical purchasing decisions”.  There are three different boxes available: Discover Box, Delight Box, and Baby Box.  Pricing is as follows, shipping charges are included in prices below:

Discover Box:

$30 for one month

$90 for three months

$150 for six months

$275 for twelve months

Delight Box:

$56 for one month

$168 for three months

$294 for six months

$539 for twelve months

Baby Box:

$168 for three months


I haven’t reviewed Umba Box in SO long!!  I can’t wait to see what has arrived in this small package!

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